Our strategy, design, engineering focus on the people that inhabit the space.

A hub for collaborative and a connected employee experience

SATU Design Group’s approach to workspace design seamlessly aligns with the vision and mission of companies like DKSH, facilitating business expansion into new territories while reflecting a leading global status. The design philosophy prioritizes adaptability, offering plug-and-play workspace solutions tailored to evolving client needs

At a glance

  1. Supporting business expansion into a new territory.
  2. A localized office design that also reflects a leading global status.
  3. Premium amenities for its people, investors and visitors to enjoy.

The design emphasizes premium amenities and key touch-points, such as the welcome area, social spaces, and private suites, to create memorable brand expressions and encourage engagement. By integrating branding with design elements, SATU ensures a seamless narrative, making a statement while offering a holistic experiential journey.

Creating Vibrant and Functional Spaces
Utilizing the site’s layout effectively, SATU incorporates den and deck areas for recreational activities, promoting a dynamic and lively atmosphere. The material palette balances tactile raw finishes with opulent details, capturing the essence of local culture while maintaining global design standards.

Prioritizing User Wellness and Engagement
User wellness is at the core of the design philosophy, evident in maximizing natural light penetration, integrating biophilia, ensuring acoustic comfort, and providing ergonomic furniture. Communal areas are envisioned as hubs of activity, fostering spontaneous interactions and creating a celebratory ambiance.

Interview with Very Liu, Founder and Creative Director of SATU Design Group

CEO Magazine: Could you please share SATU team design process ?

Very Liu :We think that no matter what project you are doing, you must listen to your clients and understand their vision. Many of our clients are Global firm and high-net-worth families , and those projects are very meaningful to them. As a designer, you need to guide your clients to speak their minds.

CEO Magazine: SATU has won numerous awards. How do you continue to innovate?

Very Liu : We don’t reuse any designs from previous projects, and we also insist on continuous learning, striving to make each project better than the previous one. I told the team that we are now getting more recognition, which should become a positive pressure, driving us to work and design harder, smarter, and more efficiently.

 CEO Magazine: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who want to enter the architectural design industry?

Very Liu : If the company is named after me, it will be more difficult to continue after I pass away or retire. Therefore, SATU not only represents me personally, but also a brand.

For me, entrepreneurship is about brand building and it’s about team empowerment. You need to trust people, let them grow and take responsibility, and promote them to higher positions within the organization. I’ve been lucky to be involved in some great projects, but I’m also lucky to have a very good team.

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