A hub for collaborative and a connected employee experience

SATU invited to design and deliver a dynamic workplace for DKSH,

emphasizing flexibility and functionality to support various work activities and create a value-based, identity-forming environment.

At a glance

  1. Supporting business expansion into a new territory.
  2. A localized office design that also reflects a leading global status.
  3. Premium amenities for its people, investors and visitors to enjoy.

Dynamic working requires dialogue and encounters – rooms that enable flexibility as well as intermediate spaces. Understanding the office as a space of potential and designing these exciting interfaces is not only important to us, but also to DKSH, for whom we developed a global workplace strategy in close collaboration with company employees. The new offices in Macau demonstrates what distinguishes this identity-forming workplace of the future.

Communication, collaboration, concentration and contemplation: Providing the optimum environment for the respective activity was the overriding goal that DKSH was committed to achieve. Working on the basis that flexibility and functionality are equally important, and that collaboration and sharing are key, but at the same time that space is allowed for individual freedom and different work styles, a value-based philosophy was drawn up that now forms the basis of the new global workplace strategy and the design of the Macau office. In essence, this means that a choreographed canon of room modules for focused work and retreat, discreet and informal conversations while sitting or standing, concentrated contemplation while lying down, small workshops and big presentations, and even for spontaneous meetings and co-working situations is found throughout the new office – creating an intelligent landscape with a high level of offerings with which employees can identify.


Completed | 2024
China | Macau
1600 Sqm

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